Manure Scraper

Low-cost solution for cleaning the barn and improving animal health 

  • Automatically cleaning on schedule with moderate speed.
  • Prevent accidental hoof injuries, reduce hoof disease and increase milk production.
  • Easy, safe and reliable operation.
  • Various types of scrapers available for different materials, cleaning methods and driving types.

Product List

SVEA Svealine (Rope)

SVEA Freja (Wire)
SVEA Elin (Rope)
SVEA UNO (Chain)
SVEA TOR (Hydraulic)
SVEA Robust (Hydraulic)
SVEA Compact (Hydraulic)
SVEA Comprimat 3000 Pressure Scraper
SVEA DM600 (Hydraulic)

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Mikael Karlsson
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Andreas Axelsson
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Jan Backman
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Jyrki Mällinen
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