Webshop Is Now Open

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We are excited to announce that Webshop, our online ordering platform for dealers, has been launched for a better shopping experience.

Applicable for any scale purchase in sets or spare parts, Webshop offers an online gallery and ordering service where you can:

  • Browse all the details and images of our products and components online, no matter whether you need parts or sets.
  • Order online with just a few clicks, saving your time and energy on phone calls, emails, faxes, etc.
  • Track your order status at any time and know when to expect your delivery.
  • Confirm your delivery date online with one click and complete the transaction hassle-free.

And there’s more. We'll reward you with a gift for your first order on Webshop in appreciation of our partnership. Please note that it’s only valid until May 31st, 2023, so don't miss the chance.

To get started with Webshop, kindly visit https://dealer.sveaverken.com and place your order online. Before that, kindly contact your sales and get the guidance and instruction video.

The reasons why we launched Webshop

  • Release our dealers from tedious offline communication to more efficient online ordering;
  • Display products in a gallery online for a fast and better understanding of the products;
  • Make the ordering process more transparent, more efficient, and easy to track the order.

The advantages of Webshop

  • Ordering efficiency level-up: it supports sets and spare parts searching and 24-hour ordering.
  • Ordering process transparency: it's visible to check the purchase progress, and trace the order and delivery date in real time.

Join Webshop today and enjoy the benefits of online ordering.

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