Sveaverken Smart Dairy Farming Solution

Sveaverken Smart Dairy Farming Solution is a comprehensive automated solution designed for livestock farming covering 6 basic functional systems: Smart Feeding System, Smart Manure Handling System, Environment Control System, Herd Management System, Energy System and Welfare System.
The whole-course systematic approach contributes not only to less manual involvement thus less labor cost and zoonosis propagation, but also better farm operation and performance.

Smart Feeding System

Sveaverken smart feeding system consists of 4 basic function parts: feed storage device, feed conveying device, feed reclaiming device, autonomous total mixed ration vehicle and drinking bowl. It releases feed from silo and conveys to the feeding groove via auger then pushes the scattered feedback to feeding groove with feed pushing robot in pre-set time and route. The autonomous total mixed ration vehicle, equipped with our LandMaster navigation kit, is able to produce TMR and deliver it automatically..


Safe, hygienic and efficient feed handling

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Simple and stable design for many applications in feed or grain transportation

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Feed Pushing Robot

Smart working without manual intervention

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Drinking Bowl

Best way to reduce cross-infections between animals

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Smart Manure Handling System

Sveaverken smart manure handling system removes the most unpleasant part of farm work out of worker’s to-do list. The whole-course automatic approach covers manure cleaning, collecting, processing and recycling. The system cleans manure passage in pre-set time, transfers it to manure pit as fertilizer. It not only keeps the barn clean but also realizes resource recycling.

Manure Scraper

Low-cost solution for cleaning the barn and improving animal health

Manure Pump

Designed for automatic discharging, mixing and chopping of liquid manure in various applications

Environment Control System

Sveaverken environment control system which consists of lighting and ventilation is designed for automatic indoor lighting adjusting and air conditioning. The sensors collect real-time illumination, temperature, humidity information and send it back to data center for algorithm processing thereby achieving optimal lighting and ventilation option thus ensuring proper indoor environment.



Solutions for different types of animal husbandry

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Durable and effective lighting for your livestock

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Smart Neck-tag

Easier management, higher productivity

Herd Management System

Sveaverken herd management system is partially designed for heat detection base on the variation of motion amount and body temperature, allowing a higher heat detection rate and earlier sick cattle spotting. With a smart sensor inside that collects physiological information of individual animal and conduct data analysis based on the information by virtue of our smart algorithm it provides optimal herd management solution to guide your action.

Energy System

SSveaverken energy resource system helps with farm power supply in case of outage. Solar panel could generate electricity with sunlight and the excess electricity can be returned to the grid or stored in the battery pack, while the diesel generator is standing by as a backup approach when there is no sufficient sunlight available which is common in cold seasons. The energy storage module acts as a backup power storage to ensure continuous operation.

Solar Panel & Power System
Solar Panel & Power System
Portable Power Station
Portable Power Station

Welfare System

Sveaverken animal welfare system which consists of electric cow brush and massage brush, gives your animals a more comfortable and enjoyable leisure. It enables every single animal to have easy access to the comfortability.

svea care for cows

SVEA Care for Cows
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sveaverken brush

Electric Cow Brush
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